Christian Affirmation for Women

A woman was created after God created Adam and can therefore be considered as an important creature because God saw that Adam could not live without her. In Genesis, God made man fall into a deep sleep and removed one of his limbs and gave it to Eve. A woman may happen to be a wife, mother, a daughter, a sister and therefore comes in handy in most parts of our lives.

Christians affirm women to be mothers and therefore, the world would not be full of human beings were it not the ability of women to conceive. Eve, the first mother, gave birth to the first children Cain and Abel. This in a big way can build self esteem in all women and thus they should adore motherhood. Women are known to show much love to their children unconditionally in which case the love is reciprocated. In the Bible, women were to be protected whenever there was war. Therefore, Christians emphasize that women are the two wheels of the universe, without which the society, our civilization, in fact the whole world would cease to exist.

Women are loving persons. They are womanly in presence, caring in attitude and loving in personality. When Jesus was thirsty, a woman offered him water to drink at a well. Women are known to cook for their husbands and children and therefore have to be concerned about the source of food. This is supported by the fact that they are hardworking and used to cultivate farms to gather wheat and other foods to feed their families. In the current times, women are still hardworking and are furthering their studies to get serious careers which were previously done by men. They have a slogan that what a man can do, a woman can do better.

Women are beautiful and they give uplifting feelings. In the Bible, when Job underwent temptations and persevered, he was rewarded with the most beautiful daughters which clearly shows that women are made of the best quality and one gets to be happy and proud being associated with a beautiful woman.

Christian affirmation for women is that women are holy and do things that make God happy. They stay away from sin, serve God in truth and from the early times, women devote themselves to God. In the Bible, women used to serve God in temples and upto this day, they still serve as nuns, sisters and even some have started doing missionary works of preaching and spreading the gospel. Therefore, all their actions, thoughts, words should be divinely guided. This is because everything happens for the good of them.

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