First Christian Religion of The Modern Era

The only truth about its origin that the Roman Catholic Church puts out there is that it is the first Christian religion of the modern era. But it was not the first overall. The religion of Krishna was around a long time before and many other 'Christs' were known before him. It purports that it was founded by Jesus Christ at Pentecost and is, therefore, the only true church but the facts behind its being are far different and not something the Vatican wants known.

History records that Emperor Constantine established the religion at the Council of Nicaea in 325 AD and that he did so after murdering his way to sole rule. The last relative on his list of the slain was his eldest son, Crispus, who died because he had been elevated to the role of Caesar in order to help his father defeat Vicinius, the last barrier to achieving that status.

Not only his son but also the mother of Crispus, were put to death. Counted among the murdered were his sisters, nephews, nieces, and others. What is not generally known about Constantine is that he was Islamic. His ancestry is Assyria and the Amors who built Roma (reverse Amor).

The Vatican was founded as a parliament to control the unwieldy empire through the bishops and priests and, therefore, he used spirituality as his chief weapon. His edicts ordered anyone who refused to worship as he directed would be killed. Many were tortured or enslaved in salt mines, on ships, or as servants.

The Roman Empire of the time was akin to the Islamic State of Isis today. The difference is that much of the history has been erased and worked over to add credibility to its cause.

The evidence concerning the establishment of the first Christian religion of the modern era is set out in full on this site and is part of the promise to reveal all at the end of the day. Only one could be chosen to learn the facts and put them where everyone can read them. It is called the mountain of God and it is built now.

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