Four Reasons Why Christian Schools Are The Good Option For Education

Deciding the type of education your child receives is a very important, and very stressful decision for many parents. The number of options can be overwhelming. Public, charter, private, and boarding are some of the most well known. Christian schools offer a number of advantages over those in the public sector, and even other private institutions. Here are four of the reasons they are a solid choice compared to their competitors.

Smaller Classes

Every parent who sends their child to be educated wants them to reach their highest potential. Sometimes this requires extra attention from teachers. It follows then that the smaller the number of pupils per class, the greater the opportunity for students to obtain help, and succeed. Christian schools, along with other private institutions, almost always have smaller classroom sizes, generally by about 30%.

College Attendance

Graduating college is one of the clearest pathways to success in our society, and a solid education is essential to obtaining a degree. On average, those who are educated in the public system gain a bachelor's degree just over 31% of the time. Independent private institute attendees graduate from a four-year university about 57% of the time. Those who attend Christian schools obtain their college diploma at a whopping rate of 62%. So not only do these religious institutes trump the public system, but they also best the independent sector as well.

Cost of Attendance

While many people understand that private institutions can offer more than their public counterparts, the cost of tuition is prohibitive. However, religious institutions are actually about 60% cheaper than non-religious programs. On average, these educational systems cost roughly $9,100 per year, compared to $22,400 for their non-religious counterparts. While this is by no means a negligible amount when weighed against the benefits the education can provide, it is a much easier amount to accept and to pay.

Moral and Religious Instruction

We have discussed the monetary, educational, and career benefits that Christian schools can provide their attendees. However, the most important strength they offer is the religious instruction and subsequent morals that they impart to their students. They do not just teach their pupils geometry, history, and chemistry. They teach them the difference between right and wrong, how to care for others, and how to leave a good, moral life. As a result, these programs do not just create good students, but good human beings as well.

In conclusion, the choice of how to educate a child is a hard one. There are many options available to parents. Studies show that independent institutions offer better instruction compared to public ones. Among all of these programs, Christian schools offer the greatest benefits. They are cheaper than their non-sectarian counterparts, by a factor of more than half. They offer smaller class sizes than the public programs. Their students are the most likely to graduate from college. Finally, they offer students an education beyond academics, which creates well-rounded people with strong moral and spiritual convictions.

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Zequek Estrada said...

It's pretty intriguing that children who attended Christian schools are more likely to obtain their college diploma than public systems. If I had kids I wouldn't mind sending them to a Christian school if it means that they're more likely to obtain their diploma. It makes me wonder why it's such a big difference from the public education system.

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