driving me crazy

...and I say that without any exxageration. We've hit a stage in my son's chemotherapy where he is doing a lot better, but dad and mom are stressed out. We've just got a lot to do, in all areas of our life, yet there are many many many unplanned situations and interruptions related to child care that we are being stretched to our limit. We are challenged to pray more, take things more slowly, and just plain old trust God more. We are beyond stretched. Yet and still some good things are happening. At church we are doing the 40 Days of Community. Our first small group meeting was last night at our house and it went very well. Kafi and I also both did our first day's devotional, and I feel more peaceful today. And about Rick Warren - I really like the guy. I've never met him, but he's very likable and real and just himself. I appreciate him and the Saddleback folks. You know, I hate to say it, but I think there is some sort of spiritual bias against well-to-do, upper crust churches in America, particulary with wealthy folks, as if being wealthy alone disqualifies some place from legitimate spiritual service. Saddleback is tucked into a nice area in a nice part of a nice county, yet there is some incredible stuff coming from there. God bless them for it.

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