Christian Music: A Better Market

Over the past few years, music sales have seen a slight decrease. This is due to obvious factors of music's availability through markets such as Google Play, Amazon Prime, and more. Through these declining sales statistics, two groups of consumers have (Christian/Gospel and Metal) remained more true to their genre than others when it comes to dispersing cash.

According to, Christian and Metal sales showed the slightest decreases from 2008 to 2014. When putting statistics to the side, the real winner would have to be to Christian or Gospel genre. On that note, here are five reasons why.


Whenever you go to super stores such as Target or Walmart, there are only a few music categories. The most common categories are Popular (Pop) Music, Country music, Latin music, and then there's Christian music. Unlike metal music, Christian music still manages to maintain its own label in these multi-retail specialty stores. If you were to go to a music store, you would then find a Metal music label, but still find the Christian music label and a Gospel music label as well.


Yes, there is MTV, VH1, BET, and other music channels who offer a variety of music shows. However, when it comes to Christian and Gospel music, they each have more channels strictly dedicated to the genres themselves marketing their tunes throughout the day and night.


It does not cost as much for a church or spiritual venue to host a Christian concert when compared to other popular categories of music. Many venues will even pay the Christian or Gospel artists to come and perform and allow free admission for the public.


With the obvious lower decline in sales, it is evident that spiritual music fans like their music. They follow their favorite artists more consistently, and are willing to buy the music even if it is not the artist's best work. They do not have to worry about being turned away due to a parental advisory sticker, offensive album cover, or negative reputation affiliation.

Fans of Fans

Church music artists sing each other's songs proudly. It is not awkward to attend a Christian or Gospel concert and hear the featured artists perform another one of their favorite artist's popular songs. There is a lot of love within the two genres between its members, and they see themselves as family rather than competitors.

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