1st annual Evangelical blog awards

Nominate and vote for bloggerz here, at the Evangelical Underground blog.

Man, am I going to be nominating some of you who are on my blogroll (column right, down).

The categories:
Best overall evangelical blog (jordon cooper)
Best designed evangelical blog (hmm, maybe tallskinnykiwi just to tweak 'em)
Best evangelical blog - politics (hugh hewitt, hands down - the guy's a Big Blogger plus he's got a Young Life link at the top of his blog)
Best evangelical blog - ministry (dj chuang's metablog)
Best international evangelical blog (tall skinny kiwi)
Best domestic evangelical blog (uh)
Best evangelical blog - apologetics (theoblogy, though i don't know if tony is defending what they want defended - yet it will be a good fight)
Best evangelical blog - pastor (there is none other than brad boydston)
Best new evangelical blog (combine jeremy and liz and throw in Abner come around April)
Best evangelical blog - humor (este mark riddle)
Best evangelical missionary blog (by definition, not the safest thing to do, but how about Kevin in Bangladesh)
Best evangelical youth pastor blog (sergio does the pastoring in between photoblogging and got-a-test-tomorrow blogging)
Best evangelical group blog (er, maybe the emergent planninmg blog)
Best evangelical teen blog (jason's got a crew - pick one)

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