i'm also tech support

In urban ministry you wear a lot of hats. One of my hats is network and computer tech support. I'm blogging from an eMac that Harambee got a hold of for $200, not a bad deal considering that it's almost new and was rarely used by the previous owner. I transferred the data from a G3 that one of our admin ladies uses, and she will have this on her desk come Monday. I transferred the Airport card from the G3 to the eMac, but had to access the Apple web site for instructions.

You know what? One of my neighbors got wi-fi for Christmas, because I see a "linksys" access point on my list of wireless connections, and I ain't be got no linksys router. Which means that this neighbor can access my own unsecured Airport Express base station. So today, for the first time in four years, I've put a password on my base station.

I think this eMac is just about ready to go. I've installed software, transferred files, etc. Just one of the hats I wear.

Right now Kafi and Sam and I are going to the theatre to see The Incredibles. We will swing by and pick up Michelle, Monique and Nyaesha, our nieces, and bring them with us. Micah might join us in the theatre, and cry her head off, or we'll see if Kafi's aunt wants to keep her. Either way is fine with me.

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