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Black Film Festival starts at my house on Saturday: My wife decided to host a Black film festival and invited people. She didn't ask for my permission or anyone else's; she just called it and pulled it off. Cool with me. First movie up is A Soldier's Story, which is a good one and entertaining. Sometimes Important Films are boring, frankly, but not this one. Let me know if you want in.

Last meeting of the Emergent Coordinating Group: I'm driving to San Diego tomorrow night with my friend Dan Hodge for the last gasp of the Emerging Coordinating Group. Read Tony Jones's good that was then, this is now, here's what's next post to get a handle on the change. I'm not planning to attend the Emergent Convention. Dan and I will literally jump in the car in Pasadena at 5pm, drive to the Town and Country Hotel in San Diego, meet, then jump in the car and drive back home, arriving around 3am. I don't want to be away from my family, so I'll be there when we all wake up together. Plus it will be a great chance to spend time with Mr. Hodge, a doctoral candidate at Fuller doing innovative work with hip hop and theology.

Come to the Harambee Annual Dinner: I'm inviting you. For realz. It's on Saturday, March 5. Brad Smith, former CEO of Leadership Network and now President of Northwest Graduate School (Ray Bakke's school), is our speaker. Good times. Show a face. Bring a friend.

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